"Hello 2022 - Year of the Tiger" by Heather Pennie

Since 2022 is the Year of the Tiger,  I thought it quite fitting that I start off the year with a tiger-print make.

I sewed up a Digital Safari print and it is a slinky viscose knit panel from France. It comes in the royal blue plus two other colourways.


When sewing with panels or large-scale prints, I usually drape them over my dress form to get an idea of scale and placement.  (I tend to want to avoid bulls-eyes over certain parts of my anatomy, for example). With this stunning panel, I wanted to choose a pattern that would break up the print as little as possible.



I decided to go with a tried-n-true tissue pattern that I have had in my stash for years - Vogue 9057 by Marcy Tilton.  This pattern has been reissued as Vogue 1733 and is currently available.  Most of my sewing these days tends to be with digital patterns and my projector, but sometimes I have the perfect pattern languishing in my stash, waiting to be made up again.  This is one such pattern.



Though the pattern is now out-of-print, you could try Etsy for a copy. I just found out that this pattern has been reissued as Vogue 1733 and is currently available. Alternatively, Ellie and Mac has a PDF pattern that may work for you; it is the Ellie and Mac Asymmetrical Cinch Top.

I made view B and raised the neckline by about ¾” as I was cutting out. I narrowed the sides near the bottom hem in order to make it fit onto a single panel, and shortened the sleeves due to the amount of fabric I had left from the panel. Because of the asymmetrical cut, both the front and back are full pattern pieces which made pattern placement very simple.

I am thrilled with the outcome.  I can throw this over some dress pants for work, or pair it with leggings or jeans for the weekend.


 Since I had challenged myself to create this with a single panel, I wasn’t able to match the pattern exactly, but I think I got pretty darn close!


The fabric pressed beautifully on low heat with a press cloth.  I used a binding for the neck, turned and hemmed the sleeves and side with my coverstitch.  The bottom I left unhemmed as it looked beautiful as-is and I wanted to preserve the drape.  I may decide to go back and hem it, but that is the beautiful thing about being able to sew - I can change it up whenever I want.

So, cheers to 2022.  Let’s hope that the Year of the Tiger is a year we can all feel joy and triumph in our lives.


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