"Jersey Blouse" Sewing Project by Marion Barry

Hi everybody,

I’m back with my second make using the beautiful fabrics from Elliot Berman fabrics.

This time I was gifted the softest Italian viscose jersey from their large jersey range. It's a timeless houndstooth pattern with dusky pink roses scattered throughout. It's 60” wide and originates from Italy. 

It’s lovely against the skin and it’s perfect for the cold as I want a soft cosy top that I can wear out and about.

I decided on a tried-and-tested pattern from Burda-Style Magazine. It's from the September 2018 issue.

It’s a lovely faux wrap with a high roll collar neckline. I cut a size 38. With no modifications. 


I only had 3 pieces to cut out so this for me was a speedy make.

I sewed this up on my sewing machine using the zigzag stitch on a 2.5 setting and I changed my needle to a stretch 70. You can also use a ballpoint needle for stretch fabrics.

Honestly, experiment with your favourite as some people swear by one and I think it’s down to your sewing machine. I always have to tweak the tension as well so like Tim Gunn would always says “Make it work”😉

I overlocked the seams but the fabric is good quality and could easily be left unfinished.

My finished top is perfect with my jeans or my winter skirts. It’s cosy around my neck but there’s no compromise on fashion. I have to say I love it and I know I’m going to get a lot of wear from this one.


I love how the viscose drapes so beautifully and gently moulds around my neck. This material would be stunning made up in a wrap dress like the Papercut Patterns Kielo wrap dress or jumpsuit. It’s perfect for a soft style.

 ~ Marion Barry

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  • Edwina G Troupe on

    Hello Marion, I really like your project; the plaid with roses. All is can say is wow.

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